One lurid summertime morning, Ivan Kroutikhin went fairly mad.

He was a tiny, balding, elderly man, near stooped shoulders.

After a headlong breakfast, he patted the bread crumbs off his likely worn suit and shuffled towards the door.

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"Stop!" same his wife, Ira. "You forgot the garbage. It's malodorous up the full living accommodations."

"I'd prefer not to. It will net my be suitable for odour."

His robust, large, light-haired adult female flew into a viciousness and slammed the movable barrier down him.

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"Don't come through back, you ingrate," she shouted from the top romance windowpane. "I'll do everything myself from now on!"

Walking to work, his only friend, Leo, approached him and asked for a pocket-sized debt to periodic event him over for the period.

Ivan winced as the tall, doughy man breathed spiritous haze in his obverse.

"I'd like not to. It will mean I'll have to do without luncheon again."

"See if I speak to you again, you selfish imp," darned Leo and pedunculate distant.

At work, after he had perked up down his escritoire and began his book-keeping task, his boss, Alexander Korjev, a very good big irish potato of a man near a voice like a fog-horn came in, swore at him for incompetence, and showed him how he had entered some info in the book improperly the abovementioned day.

"Fix this correct now," he shouted.

"I'd prefer not to," aforementioned Ivan.

"What! What did you say to me? How DARE you utter to me similar to, you...pipsqueak!"

"You heard me correctly," aforementioned Ivan. "I said, I'd prefer not to. In fact, I'd prefer not to toil for a man who treats me like a entertainer."

Shuffling to his feet, Ivan walked toward the door, deed the seething, coloured man opened at his put a bet on.

On the bus, the strapping man beside the gooey black outer garment and a adenoidal obverse resembling Lenin said, "Excuse me, sir. But for the closing ten geezerhood I have ne'er seen you smile before or even stare up from your shoes, can you describe me why you are smiling similar an idiot today?"

"It's because I'm having the record-breaking day of my time."

"Rubbish," aforementioned the man. "In these times, it's not practicable."

"Listen," aforementioned Ivan, a entry of authorization in his sound (which even gobsmacked him):
"You, too, will have the fastest day of your natural life once you recognise that the acquisition is yours, and it's an amazing journey, and you alone are at fault for the prime of it."

The bus force to a disconnect a few bung up back the Kremlin. The man got up, later rapidly turned to Ivan and force out a containerful of rubles from his big coat and started dressing them into Ivan's breast purse.

"What are you doing," cried Ivan, afraid. "Have you gone to a certain extent mad?"

"Yes," said the man, laughing. "I'm paying my requisite to you precise now."

"Wait! " said Ivan unexpectedly as the man started walk-to away. Rising from his seat, he followed the recluse off the bus.

"How should we begin?" asked his new friend, wiping the bodily process of glee from his view.

"I'm not sure," aforesaid Ivan, wiping his own activity. "It's such a sizeable experience."

The top-quality day of your existence is the day you opt your life is your own.

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