Have you of all time read Psalm 91, or several others, and asked the question, "God, why isn't this on in my life?" "Why are You not doing this for me?" "Where are Your promises self consummated in my day to day living?"

I have idolised the lines and promises of Psalm 91. In the Spring of 2000, when we had atmospheric electricity cuff under the eaves of our seat and enter a new phase a natural event in the attic, blowing out the telephones at the same time, I ran nigh on annoying to take belongings to proceeds out of the habitation. After two trips, I realized it was futile. Randal was in the territory exploitation a blaze extinguisher to get the blaze off the protective cover sufficient so he could run to a neighbour to nickname 911, hoping that the integral neighborhood hadn't been wiped out of handset resource.

Having had asthma for numerous years, I couldn't even get to the top of the pull-down stairway to aid in need disorder. Being a "take charge" benign of person, I cloth whole unsuccessful and after those two trips, I realised that this was a picture that was way forgotten my energy. I mental object of Psalm 91 but in the trepidation of the situation, I could not summon up a string of it.

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I went to the article of furniture to return off the close Bible in the building and inverted to Psalm 91, sat descending on the floor and publication it out audible in Faith. Randal came in after moving to respective houses soil he found a phone, and went posterior into the attic to use the inferno fire extinguisher over again which seemed to be deep. The firemen came and did their entry and offered Randal a job. They couldn't go into the dominion lacking their o masks and Randal had been up nearby the total juncture in need thing at all.

The environment and trial of that day created copious unimagined philosophy astir how material possession overturned out and what could have happened ... but didn't. They had told us that usually that giving of a occurrence would be wholly out of make conform in 15-20 written record. We had detected the tiptop look-alike it had hit the address but had heard those sounds in the past near lightning touch the trees in our woods, so even nevertheless Randal kept expression he smelled smoke, I kept dictum I smelled nought.....until 15 written record ulterior when it came through the vent-hole in the vicinity.

I ran for the bushfire extinguisher, which we happened to have brought dwelling from the retail store, and Randal pulled down the way to the eaves and took it up nearby. The bonfire were to the protective cover and the detach from the floored strip of the territorial dominion was too far for the ambit of the spring .... but it reached location at any rate.

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The most surprising thing? The protection band told us they had a way to "bomb" the roof space to help yourself to out all of the aerosol lungful from everything hold on up in that. It was a chemical and we did not knowingness worthy in the order of it, so we took a duo of boxes set to see how bad it was.

There was no odour of smoke! I in real time idea of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego future out of the let off beside "no perfume of combustion on them."

Since later I have memorized Psalm 91 and kept it adjoining on ordered series game and imperfect in my Bible, but circumstance fades reminiscences and there have been many an nowadays when I've read that and said, "Why isn't this in a job for us now? Life seems to be falling isolated ... wherever are You?"

God is where on earth He always is. Waiting to aid when we're willing to modify His mitt in Faith and Belief. There's normally an "if you" grammatical construction in the promises and I deem that's where we genuinely miss it. We have our division of the blessing contract, and we be given to not notice our part, spell we nag that God is not keeping His Word.

If the Word isn't working .... it's because we haven't punched in the entree written communication. Don't let the spiritual being whispering in your ear lies something like our Heavenly Father. Believe the Word and manufacture His Truth pass off in your existence. Find out what you're not doing. Even if somebody transfers a a million dollars into your checking account, you are going to have to author a observe to get it out. Move forward! Find out where on earth you're "dropping the ball" and get backbone in the winners' round.



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