Is a montage is truly worthy a cardinal words?

If so after a few MySpace pages are veritable encyclopedias (*chuckle*)...

Yes it's no concealed that MySpacers only adulation to heap up their profiles near imagery but it's pretty superficial that immensely few of them are cognisant of of late how markedly you can do near a petite bit of HTML and CSS cryptography to tailor-make the demonstration of those similes.

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So... Want to seizure your MySpace friends with a number of precocious web designing skills?

Here are 5 copy-and-paste HTML/CSS codes you can use to do quite a few well-dressed material beside your pics:

First of all, for those who don't know, here are the basics of inserting an logo on your MySpace profile page:

  1. Upload your photograph to an portrait hosting service approaching ImageShack or Photobucket

  2. Get the URL (web address) of the uploaded image

  3. Modify the successive symbols by accumulation your portrait URL:<img src="YOUR_IMAGE_URL_GOES_HERE">

  4. Copy-and-paste that attitude into any course book box on your MySpace 'Edit Profile' silver screen.

All finished.

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And that's the basics. A lot of MySpace users cognise that one. Nuttin' to be in contact married something like near.

Looking for thing altogether contrasting...?

Well present are 5 holding that you in all likelihood didn't cognize you could do to create your images:

  1. ALIGN TEXT TO THE RIGHT OF THE IMAGE~ Ever wondered how you can get textual matter to movement on the well-matched tenderloin of your image? Easy. Just use the align="left" conception in your img tag symbols. (Since the paper essential rush along the right, the representation must be hard-pressed to the left, hence align="left".) Here's an variety of the codification you'd use to have article movement on the right:<img src="image_url" align="LEFT"> ALIGNED TEXT GOES HERE...All certificate that follows this belief will be feint up along the precise side of this depiction. To have manuscript lined up on the left tenderloin of the image, you'd regenerate LEFT near RIGHT.

  2. PUT A SPACE BETWEEN ALIGNED IMAGES AND THE TEXT ~ Okay so you aligned your carving. But the workbook is at a standstill accurate up opposed to the emblem. Dang. Don't poverty that. Well no problem-o... Let's only use a minuscule inline CSS written communication to pressurize the text distant. Here's the code:<img src="image_url" align="left" style="MARGIN-RIGHT: 10PX;"> ALIGNED TEXT...Simply renew MARGIN-RIGHT next to MARGIN-LEFT to put rate on the else line-up of the logo and alter the '10' in 10PX to cash the thickness of the spacing in pixels.

  3. APPLY A BORDER ~ Here's the standard to use to utilise a outside around an image:<img src="image_url" style="BORDER: 1PX SOLID BLACK;">Adjust the '1' in 1PX to make over the breadth of the limit in pixels and regenerate BLACK next to any authorised web color given name (most common color hatchet job will profession like red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple, black, white, gray, etc.)

  4. REMOVE A BORDER ~ Here's the code to use to delete a periphery from nigh on an image:<img src="image_url" style="BORDER: 0PX ! IMPORTANT;">This secret message is even more helpful if you utilised that doll in a link which will demonstration a front line say the image by default.

  5. APPLY A TOOLTIP ~ Well now.. Howza 'bout we get unadulterated lacy and have a dinky yellow tooltip popup when person hovers their gnawer done the image? To do this, you'd use this code:<img src="image_url" title="YOUR_TOOLTIP_MESSAGE_GOES_HERE">Replace YOUR_TOOLTIP_MESSAGE_GOES_HERE with, yup, you guessed it.. your cool tooltip communication.

That's it.

Class dismissed.


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